Monday , 8 February 2016

Delivery of first ZDK-03 Karakoram Eagle AWACS to Pakistan in November 2011

Delivery of first ZDK-03 Karakoram Eagle AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) produced for Pakistan Air Force is expected in November this year, according to latest report.

The aircraft is in final stages of preparations/system testings/installation for delivery to Pakistan.

Pakistan Air Force signed an agreement for the joint development of four ZDK-03 AEW&C aircraft Karakoram Eagle which were to be configured to meet Pakistan’s specifications with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

PAF has plans to induct a total of four Shaanxi ZDK-03 AWACS aircraft in a $278m deal. ZDK-03 also features a solid nose with MAWS sensors on both sides, as well as two small vertial tail stablizers.

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  1. God bless Pakistan Air Force. I hate India. Go Pak go. Pakistan need to become regional superpower. I love Pakistan.

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