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Pakistan helping Taliban: secret Nato report

As we all know that bbc and Nato are doing propaganda against Pak army.After BBC documentary “Secret Pakistan”this is other BBC news against Pak army.News source is Dawn.

The Pakistani security services are secretly helping Afghanistan’s Taliban, who assume their victory is inevitable once Western troops leave, a secret Nato document says, according to reports on Wednesday.
The leaked “State of the Taliban” report – seen by the BBC and The Times newspaper – was compiled from information gleaned from insurgent detainees and was given to Nato commanders in Afghanistan last month, the media reports said.
It claims that Pakistan and its ISI intelligence agency are aware of the locations of senior Taliban leaders.
The BBC said the report was based on material from 27,000 interrogations of more than 4,000 captured Taliban and Al-Qaeda operatives, plus other foreign fighters and civilians.
“Pakistan’s manipulation of the Taliban senior leadership continues unabatedly,” the report was quoted as saying.
“ISI officers tout the need for continued jihad and expulsion of foreign invaders from Afghanistan.”
The Times quoted the report as saying the Taliban’s “strength, motivation, funding and tactical proficiency remains intact”, despite setbacks in 2011.
“Many Afghans are already bracing themselves for an eventual return of the Taliban,” it said.

“Once (Nato force) Isaf is no longer a factor, Taliban consider their victory inevitable.”
Kabul, which accuses Islamabad of supporting the 10-year Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, put relations on ice after the September murder of its peace envoy Burhanuddin Rabbani, which one Afghan minister blamed on Pakistani spies.
The US Department of Defense said it could not comment on the report but set out its fears about Pakistan and its influence in Afghanistan.
“We have not seen the report, and therefore cannot offer comment on it specifically,” Pentagon spokesman George Little told AFP.
“We have long been concerned about ties between elements of the ISI and some extremist networks.” US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said.

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