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ISI toying with Indian secret agencies: report

Pakistani’s infamous secret service the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has been vilifying Indian secret agencies and security services, Indian media reports said.

According to reports Pakistani spy service is vilifying the Indian agencies by feeding wrong information through various means.
Reports said Indian agencies rely on smugglers and other criminals to get information regarding Pakistan. Indian agencies, journalists and politicians are being provided wrong information by their “sources”.
This was evident from the latest episode when Indian agencies were informed that five Lashkar-e-Taiba militants had entered India to stage Mumbai like carnage. However, the information brought embarrassment for New Delhi as the five “terrorists” proved to be traders, who were shown on Pakistani TV channels.
“Our cross border spies are aware of our agencies ineffectiveness and they are exploiting the situation,” an intelligence officer was quoted as saying by Indian media.   He said the same “drama” was played on Bangladeshi border where Bengali police were given two photograph with information that the “terrorists” will launch a Mumbai like attack in India. He said the information proved to be false.

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