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Kamra Attacked(Latest Blog on Thenewstribe)

Assault on Kamra Airbase has brought another international mortification and discom6fiture for Pakistan. After so many intrepid attacks by the militants on prominent targets of Pakistan military, including the attacks on GHQ in Rawalpindi, Mehran Airbase in Karachi and now on Kamra aeronautical complex, the grounds of vindications and exonerations by the military establishment are running thin.
Questions are now asked, openly on the reconnaissance capabilities of Pakistani military. Why after years of attacks, this evil is not rooted out!! Sooner or later the military has to answer these questions. More worrying is the fact that Asad Kharal a Journalist from Lahore published a story in Express tribune on 10 August 2012, giving specific details that a Pakistani Airbase could be targeted on the night of 27th Ramadan.
In a talk show yesterday Asad gave full details of his information. He disclosed that intelligence agencies received a report that two groups within TTP led by Qari Yasin and Qari Aslam held a meeting. In the meeting the groups set targets for their attacks including Kamra aeronautical complex, offices of ISI, MI and IB.
For the operations funds of Rs2.5million were allocated from the ransom money TTP receives from kidnapping wealthy Pakistanis. A black Honda Civic car and four suicide jackets were purchased for the operation by the militants. The report was forwarded to the Government by the agencies, upon the receipt of intelligence crisis management cell alerted the concern authorities and the Police in different provinces. According to Asad, due to this information for last few days Kamra was under red alert and the aircrafts were parked in the hangers rather than on the open tarmac.
Asad also disclosed that intelligence agencies reported another meeting was held on 22nd July in North Waziristan by Ilyas Kashmiri group in response to re-opening of NATO supplies by Pakistan. In the meeting plan of actions were chalked out to target Pakistani military installation including Kamra Airbase. Interior Ministry issued a red alert after receiving this information from the agencies.
Only few days ago Rehman Malik issued a press statement, warning and alerting Pakistani nation on imminent attacks by the militants in Pakistan.
From these disclosures a pictures emerges, which demonstrates that despite having the good intelligence capabilities about the activities of these militants, Pakistani government, both civil and military establishments failed to engage this particular group of terrorists proactively.
Even after the disclosure by a Journalist in Pakistani press, the Government had full week to find the Honda Civic car and the terrorists who were assigned the task to attack Kamra. Secondly, why the security on check posts and on the parameters were not beefed up!
We have to thank the gallantry of Asif, who single handily fought chivalrously for few crucial early minutes of the attacks, stopping the terrorists to infiltrate further into the base than they might have progressed. He provided enough time for the forces to respond robustly. But imperative question is how the terrorists were able to enter the base in the first place, despite having so much prior information and intelligence!!
I for one don’t buy the argument that because of the proximity of pockets of population around the base, it was not possible to provide fool proof security. Reportedly the attack was launched from a neighbouring village. There are few villages surrounding Kamra base. Why these villages were not swept by the agencies and the military after the advance warning! I am sure any other country would have swept all the neighbouring villages and make sure the culprits are caught before they carry out their planned attacks.
There are absolutely no doubts that there had been lapses, not once but routinely. While the terrorists are showing resolve by attacking on the specified date on the specified target despite Pakistani intelligence having full knowledge, our civilian Government and forces are sitting on the information instead of proactively preventing the attacks.
It exposes a worrying fact that the terrorist militants are far more motivated, despite obstacles in their way, despite the fact that their plans were leaked, they were motivated and resolute enough to achieve their targets, working on shoebox budget. While those in the Government both civil administration and military establishment drawing handsome salaries and benefits were not motivated or bothered to take effective measures.
There is no denying the fact that the time is running out for Pakistan. A Pakistani journalist Mr Haroon Rasheed claiming to be a friend or confidant of General Kiyani usually writes Kiyani is a thinking man. It is about time the thinking man becomes an action man or else Pakistan is doomed.

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