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1965 Indo-Pak War Real Photos with Description | Pakarmedforces.com

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At an investiture ceremony, the President, Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan decorates the wife Major Aziz Bhatti with the insignia of Pakistan’s highest gallantry awards, the Nishan-i-Haider, which was awarded to her husband posthumously, for his most conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.On her left is Mrs. Shami, wife of Brigadier A.R Shamiwho was awarded Hilal-i-Jur’at (posthumous)
 — at 1965 war.
Khem Karan, the Indian market town, was the place from where Indians were to launch their thrust on Kasur and then on to Lahore. The milestone in the picture with Pakistani soldiers in the background in an eloquent footnote to India’s defeated ambitions. (1965 War)
In clouds of dust, Pakistani tank and infantry soldiers are moving forward to join the action. (1965 War)

rann of kutch war!

Munabao Railway Station in Rajhistan captured by Pakistan.

Indian Air Force Ouragan aircraft after being forced down by PAF fighters – 24 June 1965

Media is bayonet of any war machine. No matter what happens on ground, it is the news papers and other media that decide who won and who lost.. Definitely the one having the loudest voice will win.. We should work hard in this sector..

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my Allah.

A party of journalists examining a Centurian tank left behind by Indians near Chawinda – September 1965.

A Pakistan Army jeep with a recoilless rifle on top in a defensive position. The trench is interconnected with others on the side Rann of Kutch crisis 1965.

Engineers erecting a makeshift bridge during war of 1965..

After 1965 war Air Marshal Nur Khan starting up his F-104 star fighter to go on his 1st solo mission to fly twice the speed of sound… Flt Lt Farooq Umar helping him to start up his engine… Nur Khan was a legend , courageous , commander and a hero of Pakistan Air Force in 1965 war .. He died at age 88 three months back… let us salute him… For the good he did for Pakistan and for the Air Force … Ameen
Four PAF F-86F fighter-bombers return from an interdiction mission – September 1965. 

Pakistani soldiers, proudly carrying aloft Pakistan’s flag, pass the custom house when they captured Munabao.

Pakistan’s flag flutters proudly over the romantic Rajput fort of Kishengrah in Rajasthan where Pakistan army was in occupation of over 1200 square miles of Indian Territory

Three Pakistani officers pose for picture in front of the imposing structure of the ancient Rajasthan fort at Gotaro. This was one of the chain of forts and other fortifications captured by Pakistan’s Desert Force in 1965 War.

Munabao, the important railway station of Rajasthan , loudly contradicting India’s persistent propaganda that Munabao was not taken by Pakistan.

C-in-C Gen Musa Khan addressing Troops in forward area just after the War.

Army C-in-C General Mohammad Musa Khan at Khem Karan Railway Station after capturing of the town by Pakistani troops
Pakistani Officers and Jawans on a captured Indian Tank

An over run indian position

Two captured Indian AMX-13 tanks with Pakistani soldiers
A JCO inspecting captured Indian Gun 

Peering out of the turret of a captured Indian tank, is a typical officer of Pakistani’s Armoured Corps, one of the proud band of dashing fighters who broke the back of the Indian armour

Infantrymen in attack formation

A shattered Indian Vehicle

Turkish and Iranian nurses posing with a group of cheerful patients

Turkish and Iranian nurses tending the wounded “Jawans” in a military hospital
Infantrymen in a defensive position

Pakistani Tank Regiment moving during war

Pakistani Infantry moving across to take up new positions

In clouds of dust, Pakistani tank and infantry soldiers are moving forward to join the action

An operational tank squadron of the Pakistan army equipped with the Indian tanks (French-built AMXs) captured in the Chhamb battle, out on manoeuvres

The wreck of a Centurion tank of India’s pride, 1st Armoured Division, symbolizes the shattering defeat that Indian armour had to suffer in the Chawinda battle

Pakistan Army Crossing of canal on raft

Engineers erecting a makeshift bridge

Army Air Defenders in Cholistan Desert

Pakistani troops ahead on FDLs in a Screen Position

Pakistani assault across water obstacle

A Company Commander on Recce before giving his Verbal Orders for Attack

A Pak Army Tank advancing in Kasur Sector

Pakistani soldiers over running enemy position in Sulemanki Sector

Pakistani troops advancing in Kashmir

MG1A3 on AA Role

Pakistani troops moving across to take up new positions

Jubilant Pakistani troops after capturing the Rajput Fort of Kishengarh Rajestan.

 Special Thanks To Capt.Azhar Ali  and Mubashir taqi  for photos

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  1. My uncle (now 84) was in indian army artillary during 1965 war and was present in asal uttar was telling me the battle story of khem karan. He told that after the battle in the morning, he saw some bodies of pakistani jawans and officers . One body with its head drowned in water had long hair . It was of brigadier a.r. Shammi. His I card was later found. All the bodies were buried.

  2. Mr.Singh u should admit these evidences that are saying something to the endian army,……..

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