Saturday , 25 October 2014

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Peaceful Resolution of “Kashmir Dispute” is not Only the Duty of UNO but Moral Responsibility of International Community as Well!


LoC in Kashmir; Unprovoked Firing had become a Routine by Indians                The reminder of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding solution of Kashmir Dispute in 69th Annual Meeting of UNO has created a storm in India. From extremist parties like RSS and BJP to Indian opposition party Congress and Indian media; a wave of anti-Pakistan propaganda had been observed. India ... Read More »

Dhana Irrigation & Water Supply


Pakistan Army corps of engineers are currently working on Dhana Irrigation & Water Supply Scheme which is one of the many on going projects. Frontier Working Organization is dealing with this project and the project has been launched in the Dhana region of Federally Administrated Tribal Areas. The scope of the Project is to create efficient management system for water ... Read More »

Maligning The Armed Forces


Some elements in the media has once again started its efforts to malign the Armed Forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan. Dear compatriots it is time to stand with the armed forces of Pakistan so that all those who are trying to malign the respected armed forces must realize that the entire nation stands with its army and will not ... Read More »

“Meaningful Dialogue is Required”

“Pakistan Armed Forces are completely Neutral and they are neither bias towards anyone and nor are backing any one. Political leaders must resolve the current political issues with meaningful dialogue and the current deadlock between political leaders must be resolved with substantial colloquy. The results of these political talks must come up with the consensus in the favor of state ... Read More »

Military Establishment Is Not Behind Current Political Crisis in Pakistan

All the allegations saying that Military Establishment is behind the current crisis of the government are absolutely baseless and false. 1) It was not the Military establishment which openly supported GEO TV against Pak Armed Forces, it was the government. 2) It was not the Military which opened fire on its own people in Model town and killed 18 innocent ... Read More »

Eid Mubarak to Muslims observing Eid Tomorrow

It has been announced today by Ministry of Religious affairs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that Shawal moon has been sighted and Eid-ul-Fitr in Middle East will be observed tomorrow. Ministry of Religious affairs of United Arab Emirates have announced the same and the Muslims in Middle East will be observing Eid-ul-Fitr tomorrow on 28th of July 2014. All the ... Read More »

شوال کی بمباری میں کسی شہری کی شہادت نہیں ہوئی

آپریشن ضرب عضب میں پاکستان کی فضایہ نے شمالی وزیرستان کے علاقے شوال میں دہشت گردوں کے ٹھکانوں کو نشانہ بنایا گیا. پاکستان کے میڈیا میں یہ خبریں چلائی گئیں کے ان فضائی حملوں میں معصوم شہری بھی شہید ہوے لیکن ان خبروں میں کوئی حقیقت نہیں ہے. ان فضائی حملوں میں صرف دہشت گردوں کو نشانہ بنایا گیا تھا ... Read More »

انٹر سروسز انٹیلی جنس کا دھشت گردی کے خلاف جنگ میں بھرپور کردار

مسٹر سن یوسی 
چین کے نمائندہ براے افغانستان

مسٹر سن یوسی جنھیں چین کی حکومت کی جانب سے افغانستان کے معملات کے سلسلے میں تعینات کیا گیا ہے انہوں نے افغانستان اور بھارت کے تمام الزامات کو مسترد کرتے ہوے کہا ہے کہ پاکستان کا خفیہ ادارہ انٹر سروسز انٹیلی جنس دہشتگردوں کے خلاف جنگ میں بہت اچھا کردار ادا کر رہا ہے. یاد رہے کے پاکستان کی ... Read More »

Attack on Tripoli International Airport Libya

Tripoli International Airport, Libya

Libya which was once considered to be as one of the most powerful African nations is now considered as one of the dangerous places in the world. After the death of the Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi the situation in the country has never settled. Travelling by air was considered to be as one of the safest ways to travel but ... Read More »