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Someone Who does not want Peace in Afghanistan..!

For Anti-Pakistan Narrative (L to R) Hussain  Haqqani (Hudson Institute), Carlotta Gall (New York Times), and Mohammad Taqi  (author and analyst)                   Few days ago on 6 February 2016, a session to discuss peace process in Afghanistan was held at Islamabad in which representatives of Pakistan, China, USA and Afghanistan participated. This was the third session of its kind, …

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Pashtoon Contributors

Pukhtoon with love will accompany you to the hell but with force not even to the heaven. Pashtoons have given countless sacrifices for Pakistan, they have suffered a lot in our war against terrorism. We all must appreciate their sacrifices, they left their homes so that military operation could be conducted against terrorists in the region. I can name many …

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Captain Kashif – Alpha Bravo Charlie

سچی بات تو یہ ہے کے جب میری سیاچن کی پوسٹنگ ائی تو میں نے اسے رکوانے کی بہت کوشش کی لیکن اب مجھے بہت شرم آ رہی ہے. پر کیا کروں اس بات کا احساس مجھے ہوا ہی یہاں پوسٹ پر آ کر ہے نیچے ہیڈ کوارٹر میں بھی نہیں ہوا تھا. اب دیکھو اس وقت یہاں درجہ حرارت …

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Northern Thunder

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the host to the largest Muslim Military Exercise in the history of the region. Stage is all set as 2,500 warplanes 20,000 tanks and 450 helicopters from 20 Muslim nations has already arrived in Saudi Arabia for Northern Thunder. As per the news from different Gulf countries around 350,000 soldiers from army, air force …

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Complex Situation of Internal Stability in Pakistan

General Raheel Shareef at Corps Commanders Conference; Why only this person is active everywhere, where are political leaders?                   Neither internal situation in Pakistan is not as simple as is being portrayed nor is external interference as easy as being told. After 1971, Pakistan is once again passing from an difficult time of its history. The only difference is …

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india us nuclear deal

A new phase of feared arms race has finally reached at the doorsteps of South Asia by the auspicious of foot settings by the President Obama as chief guest on India’s Republic Day on 26 January 2015.  Consequently, the repetitive misapprehended and irrational judgment of nuclear cooperation with a de-facto nuclear state for enhancing the ostensible civilian nuclear cooperation with …

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Indian Plan of Terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir!!!

Govt behind Parliament attack, 26-11 Ishrat probe  officer

                India is acting upon the teachings of Kotalaya Chanakya i.e. murder own people and allege the enemy in such a way with effective propaganda that world is forced to believe it.  The nexus of Indian secret agencies for terrorist attacks within India was revealed in 2008 by the Hemant Karkare when he not only succeeded in arresting the main …

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Stop The Blame Game

Indian Army has once again started the blame game as according to their intelligence the Fidayeens involved in the attack on the 31st Field Regiment of Indian Army few days ago were pushed into India by Pakistani Army. They have always blamed Pakistan for everything what has happened in India. Just looking into this particular scenario the Intelligence report of …

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Well played Neha Ansari

Well played Neha Ansari.

  Express Tribune’s staffer Neha Ansari’s recent article published on the Foreign Policy news magazine accusing the ISI, Pakistan Army and ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) of ‘dictating’ the press reporting during the anti govt protests which started in August this year is yet another example of the continued ‘media trial’ with a specific objective of maligning, vilifying and ultimately …

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