Monday , 8 February 2016

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Complex Situation of Internal Stability in Pakistan

General Raheel Shareef at Corps Commanders Conference; Why only this person is active everywhere, where are political leaders?                   Neither internal situation in Pakistan is not as simple as is being portrayed nor is external interference as easy as being told. After 1971, Pakistan is once again passing from an difficult time of its history. The only difference is ... Read More »


india us nuclear deal

A new phase of feared arms race has finally reached at the doorsteps of South Asia by the auspicious of foot settings by the President Obama as chief guest on India’s Republic Day on 26 January 2015.  Consequently, the repetitive misapprehended and irrational judgment of nuclear cooperation with a de-facto nuclear state for enhancing the ostensible civilian nuclear cooperation with ... Read More »

Indian Plan of Terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir!!!

Govt behind Parliament attack, 26-11 Ishrat probe  officer

                India is acting upon the teachings of Kotalaya Chanakya i.e. murder own people and allege the enemy in such a way with effective propaganda that world is forced to believe it.  The nexus of Indian secret agencies for terrorist attacks within India was revealed in 2008 by the Hemant Karkare when he not only succeeded in arresting the main ... Read More »

Stop The Blame Game

Indian Army has once again started the blame game as according to their intelligence the Fidayeens involved in the attack on the 31st Field Regiment of Indian Army few days ago were pushed into India by Pakistani Army. They have always blamed Pakistan for everything what has happened in India. Just looking into this particular scenario the Intelligence report of ... Read More »

Well played Neha Ansari

Well played Neha Ansari.

  Express Tribune’s staffer Neha Ansari’s recent article published on the Foreign Policy news magazine accusing the ISI, Pakistan Army and ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) of ‘dictating’ the press reporting during the anti govt protests which started in August this year is yet another example of the continued ‘media trial’ with a specific objective of maligning, vilifying and ultimately ... Read More »

Coloner (R) James Steele

Colonel James Steele

Colonel (R) James Steele A man unknown to most of us but very well known to the American establishment because of his specialties in counter insurgency. Colonel Steele was a serving officer of US Army during the Vietnam War (1984 – 1986) when American’s were suffering huge losses because of Guerrilla warfare of Vietnamese. It was Colonel Steel that came ... Read More »

Peaceful Resolution of “Kashmir Dispute” is not Only the Duty of UNO but Moral Responsibility of International Community as Well!


LoC in Kashmir; Unprovoked Firing had become a Routine by Indians                The reminder of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding solution of Kashmir Dispute in 69th Annual Meeting of UNO has created a storm in India. From extremist parties like RSS and BJP to Indian opposition party Congress and Indian media; a wave of anti-Pakistan propaganda had been observed. India ... Read More »