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Media Gallery | Pakistan’s Largest Collection of War songs

Pakistan’s Largest Collection Of Patriotic Songs(Audio/Video/Lyrics)



Spacial Thanks to Mr.Absar Ahamed for this Great Effort.

 Mr.Absar Ahmad

Mr.Absar Ahmad on Left.



History of Pakistani Patriotic songs


1st National song of Pakistanwhose broadcast from Radio Pak Lahore on 14th of Aug 1947 is ” chand roshan chamakta sitara rahay” sung by Munawwar Sultana. Salim Razasung more then 15 Patriotic songs during 1965 war Aye mard-e-mujahid jaag zara” is 1st song whose broadcast on Radio Pak in 1965 war 1st Patriotic song of Melody queen Noor Jehan is ” Meria dhol Sipahiya





Download Patriotic Songs in Mp3

Lyrics of Patriotic Songs 


Ali Sher
Ali Zafar
Jal The Band
Sajjad Ali
Tahir Iftekhar
Salamat Ali
Suroor Band
Saad and Ahsan
Faisal Anwer
Schahzad Mughal
Usman Shani
Laiba Ali
Shabnam Majeed
Atif Aslam
Waqar Ali
Ragga Boys
Miraj Band
Tariq Tafu
Tarzz Band            
                                                                               iPehchan by Tarz Band
Gurus Trigoly
Raeth Band
Yassir Akhter
Tayyaba Zubair
Saleem Javed
Nadeem Jafari
Faisal Ali Khan
The Heaven
Waseem Niaz
Rizwan Kakvi
Aavish Rabbani
Jeena Yahan by Sahar
Arshad Hussain
Junaid Jamshed & Vital Signs                                          
Aamir Saleem
Rage Band
Call Band
E.P ( Entity Paradigm )
Shor Macha by EP
Faakhir Mehmood
Deewanay by Fuzon
Haroon Rasheed
Agar hai Jazba-e-Tameer Zinda by Tahira Syed
Various Artist ( PTV Special )
Waseem Big
Pakistan Military Songs 
Pakistan Air Force Songs MP3 Free Download
Pak Army Songs MP3 Free Download
Pak Navy Song MP3 Free Download
Samudaron ka Seena Cheertay by Tauseef Ahmed Khan
Tuan Uthay Jahan Mera Maskan Wahan by Shehzad RoyKalam-e-IQBAL(Ra) MP3 Free Download




  1. very pleasing and good to hear.

  2. That are really a good opportunity to get our lovely songs (Milli naghmaas). Its create a Enthusiasm in our hearts.
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  5. Syed Naveed Raza

    I need milli nagha by (i think) Habib Walli Muhammad (Laho jo Sarhad pay beh chuka hay, laho jo sarhad pay beh raha hay, hum is laho ka khiraj lain gay. pl agar kisi k pass ho to mujhay send kar dain.

    • Naveed! I think that song was re-sung by Tehseen Javed. I watched him singing that song in a PTV program of 6th september I think but I don’t remember the year. I am also in search of that song either the original one (the best one) or Tehseen Javed’s version, which is good as well. But no luck yet. If you find it somewhere, please share its link with me: farooqumars at

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    love pakistan… proud to be a patriotic pakistani…. i’ll make my homeland proud one day INSHALLAH


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    Beautiful collection ever. Thanks

    Pakistan Zinda abad

    Pakistan Armed Forces Zinda abad

    May Allah bless our Nation and our Armed Forces. Ameen

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    may allah united us

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    all patriotic songs availabe here.
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