Sunday , February 25 2018

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Congolese Women Raped by Indian Rapists in UN Peace Missions

                You must have heard the story of a thief who had gave up his bad habit aftermarriage of his sons. After his death, his sons and daughter in laws gathered to distribute his possessions. His possessions were locked in trunk and he always used to hang its keys by his …

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US and Pakistan spy relation moving back on track

Pakistan and the United States appear to have made progress in normalising their fragile relationship, with clear signs emerging on Friday both from Islamabad and Washington that the two countries were moving closer to resolving their differences on key issues. Senior foreign ministry officials testified before the Senate’s foreign relations …

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USA is ‘real enemy’ of Pakistan: Iran’s top leader

Iran’s state TV says the country’s supreme leader has told Pakistan’s president that the United States is Pakistan’s real enemy. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke Saturday during a meeting with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. It was Zardari’s second visit to Iran in less than a month. Khamenei has the final …

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“Operation Blue Star” and Sikh Holocaust 1984

Burning Corpses of innocent Sikhs in set on fire by Hindu Extremists  May be we do not have any link with Indian Sikhs as we have no direct relationship with them. However, by way of humanity, it is our duty to raise voice in opposition to Indian atrocities against its …

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Pak army launched Operation in central Kurram

 A military offensive has been launched against militants in central tehsil of Kurram Agency and families have started fleeing the conflict zone, sources said. A senior official in Peshawar confirmed that a ‘full-fledged operation’ had been launched in the valley on Sunday. Two weeks ago, the government had notified 80 …

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