Tuesday , April 25 2017

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Pakistan army arrests CIA informants

At least five of the CIA informants who aided in the location of Osama bin Laden that led to his execution last month have been arrested by Pakistan’s ISI spy agency. The news of the arrests comes at a time of a widening disconnect between US and Pakistani intelligence as …

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US-Pakistan ties ‘strong’ despite challenges: US

Washington and Islamabad have “strong” ties despite challenges in their relations, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday after news that CIA informants had been arrested in Pakistan. State Department spokesman Marc Toner would not comment on a report in the New York Times that five Pakistani informants, including an army …

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Covert crackdown: ‘Army major was not CIA informant’

An army major allegedly picked up by intelligence agencies in connection with the Osama Bin Laden raid was not, as reported by the international press, a CIA informant, alleged an official privy to the situation. The major, Amir Aziz, was a doctor in the army’s medical corps and lived just …

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Pakistan army denies major’s arrest for CIA links

The Pakistani army denied Wednesday that one of its majors was among a group of Pakistanis who Western officials say were arrested for feeding the CIA information before the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The New York Times, which first reported the arrests of five Pakistani informants Tuesday, …

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Strategic ties between China-Pakistan is more deepen than befeore

After the daring US raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his hideout next to Pakistan’s premier military academy, Islamabad has openly played its China card to caution Washington against pushing it too hard. And China has been more than eager to show itself as Pakistan’s staunchest ally. China’s deepening …

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Low rate of terrorists’ conviction worries military

The military authorities have expressed serious concern over what they call dismally low rate of terrorists’ conviction by courts throughout the country and have asked the government to see if some necessary changes could be made in relevant laws, Dawn has learnt through reliable sources. At a recent meeting between …

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